I am a psychotherapist who provides a safe space for adults to find ways to clarify their goals, connect with their values, process insights, and transform challenges.

My work matters because everyone deserves to live a life that gives them hope and meaning.

I am here to remind you that recovery is possible; connection is possible.

I have devoted most of my life to seeing the good in others and helping them to see it in themselves.

I am here for you.


Sarah Heuser LICSW
Sarah Heuser


3450 Lexington Avenue North, Suite 205  Shoreview, MN 55126

PHONE  651.600.7428    FAX 651.600.7687

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Individual psychotherapy

Mindfulness/ mind-body modalities

Strengths-based, insight-oriented, interpersonal process





To be heard

To not be judged

To feel emotions

To breathe

To learn new ways to approach old patterns

To feel valued

To discover the many strengths they possess

To find a new way to engage in life

To see the connections and possibilities around them

To be reminded of their worth

To be encouraged to reach for dreams and goals

To experience progress and healing


Adults who are interested in making changes in their lives and may be:

Feeling stuck in their careers, relationships and/or with their sense of self

Feeling disconnected

Wanting to have more of a sense of their values and purpose in life

Seeking a stronger connection with their spirituality

Feeling satisfied in their life and wanting to process ways to keep feeling fulfilled

Having experienced trauma and wanting to interrupt the negative impact of trauma on their present life

Experiencing chronic pain and/or health conditions

Wanting a competent, dependable, nonjudgmental, caring, and present therapist

Understanding that there is room for growth and improvement in their life

Believing they’re worth taking the time to work on their challenges and stressors and to celebrate their successes


Rather than having a preconceived agenda for our work together, I invite my clients to participate in guiding the direction of therapy through articulating what they want to achieve through the therapeutic experience and relationship.

I support my clients by being fully present and truly listening to them.

I offer a nonjudgmental space for exploring their inherent worth and value.

I possess expertise in mind/ body techniques and can incorporate them into my sessions by introducing clients to breathing, mindfulness, EFT, and EMDR, as relevant. However, I don’t pressure them into adopting any particular modality.

Progress in therapy is not primarily a result of the approach, technique or modality; it’s fueled by the connection between therapist and client.

I offer a grounded, caring, and compassionate therapeutic relationship.

Established clients only. All new clients must use the form below to connect with Sarah and be scheduled for a first appointment.

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