Who comes for spiritual diretion ?

Common questions you might be asking yourself

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How am I sensing God’s presence?

Am I dealing with loss or transition?

Is my life satisfactory?

Am I living up to my own expectations?

Where is the Holy in my experience?

How do I feel about my connection to faith?

Where is the sacred calling me?

What is Spiritual Direction?

Is connection to your faith or values an important part of how you approach your life? Spiritual direction is a way to create space for listening to your faith and values and connect with however you define the Holy. As a spiritual director, I am present and listening to both you and to the sacred. I may ask questions or reflect what I am hearing, but the journey is led by you and your connection to the Holy. I am there to offer a loving presence and witness your process of spiritual growth.

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How is spiritual direction different from psychotherapy?

Although on the surface spiritual direction and psychotherapy may look similar, there are several differences. In psychotherapy, we often focus on symptoms or concerns with a goal of learning ways to resolve or manage these stressors. Whereas in spiritual direction, the focus is on whatever you may be noticing or experiencing with a goal of listening to what is stirring within you and within your connection to the Holy.

“When we share the silence of sacred space, and the God of our Heart stirs within, and we feel the power of each other’s faith, then our heart is in a holy place.”

Joyce Poley ©1996 Used with permission.